For decades, the Sablon district of Brussels has been host to numerous art events, as well serving as a well-recognized meeting place for collectors and dealers. “CIVILISATIONS – art in Brussels” is a fresh concept arising from previous events and focusing on the ever evolving eclectic taste of our international clients and collectors. The fair also aims to seal the continuity of our important Sablon heritage, known worldwide as a the district of art and antiques.

“CIVILISATIONS – art in Brussels” wants to nurture the relationships with collectors and their cross collecting interests by fully utilizing the new possibilities offered by advances in communication. We are striving to seek out the most desirable universal qualities shared by the art traditions of different civilisations with a selection of artworks provided by serious and professional dealers with experience and expertise.

“CIVILISATIONS – art in Brussels” encompasses Asian Art, Tribal Art and Ancient Art. Please check our online catalogue, available on this website, as well as our Instagram account ( to discover artworks for sale throughout the year.